In Their Own Words – Samuel Tedder

“Patriot Academy was definitely a mountaintop experience. I enjoyed every moment of my stay at the capitol. But in my opinion, the best times were to be had during the sessions on the House floor. The “hands-on” experience of debating and passing actual legislation was incredible!

Getting my bill passed (with the wonderful and much-appreciated assistance provided by fellow Representatives Craven, Coarsey, and Nunn) was an exhilarating experience. My mentor, Governor Josiah Gattle, was extremely helpful in the weeks before the Academy.

The people at the Academy were among the most wonderful and kind people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I made some great friends at Patriot Academy, and I hope to see them again if I am so fortunate as to return to Tallahassee next year.

Patriot Academy certainly changed my life. It honed my focus made me determined to enter the political realm and be the leader I was called to be.”

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I loved the experience that the Patriot Academy gave me. I definitely want to return to the Academy again.



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