What is Patriot Academy?

Patriot Academy is a three- to seven-day “boot camp” in leadership and government open to students ages 16 to 25 and held every summer in various state capitols throughout the country. Students delve into the political process from the inside out as they file legislation, debate bills, campaign for office and pass laws. In between legislative activities, they receive training in media skills, public speaking, leadership, current issues and America’s heritage–all from a Biblical worldview. Conservative leaders from all areas of the political field mentor students through the process, sharing their experience and wisdom. Patriot Academy offers students the most realistic, condensed, conservative political training that we know of. The Regional Academies in Arizona, Idaho, Florida and Delaware are 3-day sessions, while the National Academy in Texas is a 7-day session open to all qualifying students from around the country. Click here to read: Our History | Our Vision | What Our Students Say.

Where is Patriot Academy held?

Students are housed at a hotel or dorm near the hosting state’s Capitol. Everything but breakfast and sleep happens at the Capitol. For committee meetings, you’ll meet in a Capitol committee room with your committee. When you and other students present your bills, you’ll present them on the main floor of the Capitol’s House or Senate chamber. Whatever you’re doing, it’s on location.

When is Patriot Academy held?

Patriot Academy Regional sessions are three-day events held throughout the summer. The National Patriot Academy starts during the last week of July every summer. For our Regional Academy dates. For our Adult Citizen Track Event dates and times, click here.

When should I arrive?

National Alumni students: If you’re driving: Plan to be at the hotel by 2:00pm on Day 1. If you’re flying: Your flight should arrive in Austin by 2:00pm on Day 1. Registration and room check-in is from 2:00-3:30 pm. The schedule is tight–plan to be on time!

I’m flying. How can I get to the hotel?

A scheduled shuttles will be available to transport students from the local airport to the host hotel. Once you’ve been accepted and filed our mandatory travel form, we can establish a pickup time.

What training does Patriot Academy provide?

Patriot Academy provides a hands-on, student-led political immersion. Students will experience the political process by:

  • Presenting a bill
  • Running a committee meeting
  • Hearing bills
  • Debating multiple positions on current issues
  • Voting on legislation
  • Building coalitions
  • Campaigning for office
  • Giving speeches as a candidate

Students will learn personal skills, such as:

  • Public Speaking
  • Media relations
  • Giving a great interview
  • Building rapport
  • Connecting with any audience
  • Professional interactions
  • Discerning the truth
  • Identifying good legislation
  • Defending your beliefs

Students will learn foundational philosophy for governance, including:

  • The founding fathers’ vision for America
  • Proper role/God’s purpose for government
  • The foundation for our system of government
  • The role of the Constitution in the past and future
  • Principles of limited government
  • Statesmanship and values
  • Character and personal integrity

Students will hear about today’s most relevant issues from a Christian worldview, including:

  • Sanctity of Life
  • Traditional/Natural Marriage
  • Second Amendment Rights
  • Church and State Relations
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Parental Rights
  • Education
  • Taxes/Economy
  • Immigration
  • Individual Liberties

Students will receive practical advice and training from:

  • State Representatives
  • Policy Advisors
  • Lobbyists
  • Activists
  • School board members
  • Candidates
  • Campaign Staff
  • Concerned citizens who are making a difference

What does a typical day at Patriot Academy look like?

After a day of initial training and orientation, the schedule is typically: Breakfast, Devotional, Workshop, Committee Meeting, Lunch, Floor Session, Workshops, Committee Meeting, Dinner, Featured Speaker, Fellowship, and Sleep. This is a general representation of a schedule, actual events vary. We start early in the morning and go util late at night, generally a 14-16 hour day.

What roles can a student hold?

Most students assume the role of a State Representative at the Academy, writing bills, participating in committee meetings and debating on the House floor. Alumni may be selected as Chairmen for their assigned committee. Senior students take the role of Senators. The Academy is presided over by a student-elected Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House.

What is the difference between the House and the Senate?

The Senate is a special leadership body at the Academy comprised of senior alumni, usually 3rd-year students and up. Senators assume a mentoring role on the House floor. Freshmen, second year, and possibly some third year students will serve in the House of Representatives.

How do I apply for the Senate?

Contact one of the Cabinet or the Executive Director, and we’ll get your request to the appropriate person! All applications for House and Senate will be reviewed on an individual basis. Those who apply for the Senate may be selected to serve in the House or Senate, based on what the staff believes will be the place where they can serve best.

What is the age requirement for students to attend Patriot Academy?

Students must be 16-25 years old; age exceptions may be allowed under special circumstances. You can contact us if you’d like more information. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

What are the guidelines for raising and submitting tuition?

To be effective in the political process, you must learn to convince others to invest in the cause and principles you represent. In order to give you the most realistic political experience possible, we ask that you raise at minimum a portion of your own tuition and fill out a Tuition Ethics Form documenting all donations. Once you are accepted, you will receive additional information to help you raise funds. To read tips on fundraising right now, please click here.

How much is tuition & When is tuition due?

A $75 deposit is required when submitting an application for any Academy. The $75 deposit is included in the total tuition fee. If a student’s application is not accepted after review for the current year’s class, the student will receive a $40 refund. It’s never too late to apply! Applications may be received until class space is full. Applications received after the Academy is full will be placed on a waiting list. To qualify for discounted rates, please note the tuition submission “postmarked/paid online deadlines” by which tuition must be paid-in-full. Specific tuition rates and discounts for each Academy are posted on the Academy Dates page found here. NOTE: Your spot is not guaranteed until all registration requirements and complete tuition payment is received. Partial scholarships are available on a limited basis. Students should attempt to fund raise before asking for partial scholarships. Please contact us for more information. All requests are reviewed on an individual basis.

How do I apply?

Glad you asked! Click here to go to the application page. We have 110 seats available for the National Patriot Academy in Texas, and approximately 50 seats available at each of our Regional Academies. We encourage you to apply early!!

If I’m shy or intimidated by politics, is Patriot Academy right for me?

One of the great things about Patriot Academy is that the environment causes students to quickly build friendships and develop a “team” mentality. Just like in the real legislature, students end up finding their niche in a variety of roles. Some students love debating at the microphone; others enjoy working on bill language. Since the students run their own committee meetings and floor sessions, how you choose to get involved is up to you. We do ask, though, that you come willing to think, learn, and grow. Some of our most hesitant freshman have found themselves so inspired by the experience that they couldn’t help but get involved and wound up becoming some of our strongest leaders. Read what past students have had to say about their time at the Academy here.

How can freshmen prepare for Patriot Academy?

Upon acceptance to the Academy, you will be emailed login information for the student portal at MyPatriotAcademy.com. The student portal will include information on how to file your bill, how to file for candidacy, logistical information and required study materials. It will also contain an “Insider Information” file, compiled by our alumni with everything they wish they had known their first year at Patriot Academy. The file will cover what to wear, and tips on how to present your bill. In addition, all freshman students will be assigned a “mentor” to guide them through the Patriot Academy process. Their mentor will be available to help the student prepare their bill, and answer any questions they may have before or during the Academy.

What is the process for writing a bill?

After you are accepted to the Academy, you will receive information on writing your bill. You’ll also be assigned a mentor, who will help you out as needed and approve your completed bill before you submit it.

How does a student run for office?

Each student enters the Academy as a member of the House of Representatives or the Senate. The students of the Academy elect a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Speaker of the House to preside over the Academy for the following year. For example, the students of Patriot Academy 2016 elected the leadership of Patriot Academy 2017. The students of Patriot Academy 2017 will elect the leadership of Patriot Academy 2018. Information on how to file as a candidate, along with protocol and requirements for campaigning, will be available to students upon acceptance to the Academy. To meet the leaders of this year’s Academy, please click here.


I loved the experience that the Patriot Academy gave me. I definitely want to return to the Academy again!