What Our Students Say


“Attending Patriot Academy drastically changed my priorities. When I found out that the future of the United States was being threatened, I could no longer helplessly stand on the sidelines. Patriot Academy showed me how to convincingly argue my opinion, effectively communicate my conservative values, and taught me the importance of preserving the United States Constitution.”
Alee Corrales, State Representative, 2015

“Patriot Academy was truly a life-changing week for me that inspired and equipped me to engage the culture head on. Lives are impacted and champions are trained through the work of Patriot Academy and I am so grateful to be part of this great organization.”
Ella Bullock, State Representative 2014 and 2015

“Patriot Academy challenged me to raise my standards, leave behind the limits of mediocrity, and join our Founding Fathers in standing for principle, truth and reason. My experience at Patriot Academy equipped me to fight for traditional values and the moral integrity of our nation. I left Austin ready to seize back our constitutional republic and change the world.”
Hunter Stoner, State Representative, Patriot Academy 2015

“Patriot Academy greatly strengthened my faith, my leadership skills, and my knowledge of the political system! I also made lasting friendships that have encouraged me and held me accountable. Prior to attending Patriot Academy, I felt completely alone in my beliefs, but now, I truly understand how together, we can make a difference.”
Kaitlynn Schenk, State Representative 2015

“I have attended several mock Congresses and leadership conferences that were great experiences, but Patriot Academy is by far one of the best experiences of my life! I quickly discovered Patriot is more than just a mock legislature. PA has a vision and goal to train students to engage in the political process and to articulate our conservative message. My time at PA gave me a renewed excitement to stay in the fight for our country and culture.”
Cadley Burns, Lt. Governor of Patriot Academy 2011

christi fosdick
“I loved the experience that the Patriot Academy gave me. I had the chance to expand my horizons politically, strengthen my faith, and meet and make many great new friends that also shared my same beliefs. I definitely want to return to the Academy again.”
Christi Fosdick, State Representative, Patriot Academy of 2008

“Patriot Academy has brought my understanding and view of politics to a different level.  It was a great experience that returned far above the hours and dollars that I spent in getting there. The staff was professional but friendly. The alumni really did a great job in coming along side us nervous freshman and helping us out. Using the Capitol and the real house floor provides a fresh perspective on the process. All and all, it is the best political camp I have been to, and I am going back.” Edward Jaax, Patriot Academy Speaker 2012

Milena Blanton“I grew up in a family of Liberals, and I used to think politics were boring and full of crooks, especially in the Conservative side of the spectrum.  Maybe that’s being too honest about the way I used to think, but because of PA, that has changed. Not only did I enjoy every moment of participating in the political process, but I made true friends, all of whom are Conservatives! What an amazing week it was! I thank God for Patriot Academy!

Milena at micFor a young person who is considering Patriot Academy, I would tell them not to think about it, but to just do it. They will learn about the political process, and themselves. They will see what they are really made of and what they really believe. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain; from knowledge, improved skills of speaking and/or writing, to great new friends and future contacts, it all makes PA worth the funds and time.”
Milena Blanton, State Representative, Patriot Academy 2008

“Patriot Academy taught me to always research the issue and discover what the Bible says about it. The caliber of the teaching and the hands-on experience makes Patriot Academy truly unique.”
Anna Becker, Lt. Governor of Patriot Academy 2010, and 7 year PA alumn

“Patriot Academy helped me realize the importance of limited government and it helped me define my view of politics.”  –  Michael Bullock, Patriot Academy Speaker 2010, 2011

Kristi eshelman with group“At Patriot Academy I learned how to write a bill, how to present a bill, how ideas become laws, what principles our government was founded upon, and what happens when these principles are ignored.  All of these topics are important for both the politician and the average citizen who wishes to be active in maintaining the integrity of our government.”  –  Kristie Eshelman, State Representative of Patriot Academy 2008

“I work in the legislature now, and every time I go to work it feels like I’m at Patriot Academy! The process is IDENTICAL!”  – David White, Lieutenant Governor, Patriot Academy 2006

“Patriot Academy is more than just an educational experience. It is a life-changing week that will challenge your belief system and build a strong foundation for the future. This academy is not only about politics, it is about finding out who you are and what you believe. I have never had a more edifying experience in my life.”
Joel Fisher, Governor of Patriot Academy 2006, Speaker of Patriot Academy 2009 


“When I first heard about Patriot Academy I was a little skeptical and didn’t really want to go. But once my parents coerced me into attending I was absolutely blown away. Now I think of what I would have missed if I hadn’t gone to Patriot Academy, and I hope that there aren’t other students out there today who won’t go simply because they’re a little skeptical.”
Paul Hastings, State Representative of Patriot Academy 2008

“Patriot Academy was a tremendous opportunity to completely immerse myself in the life of a legislator.  Debating in committee and on the House floor provided excellent interaction with other like-minded young people who want to make a difference in our nation.  Relationships were forged that will last a lifetime.” – Hannah Hill, Lt. Governor of Patriot Academy 2009

“In attending Patriot Academy you cannot fail. You will leave not only encouraged, but also impassioned and informed on how you can make a positive impact on America. Go to Patriot Academy. You can’t lose.”  –  Trent Williams, State Representative of Patriot Academy 2008


“Patriot Academy was one of the greatest experiences of my life. If you are interested in politics at any level the days you spend at Patriot will help you the rest of your life.”
Will “Bowtie” Binkley, State Representative of Patriot Academy

“If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a legislator, then Patriot Academy is for you.  If you love meeting young people from across the nation, then Patriot Academy is for you.  If you want to improve your speaking skills, then Patriot Academy is for you.  If you wish you knew more about current world issues and conservative solutions, then Patriot Academy is for you.  If you pray for America to return to her biblical foundation, then Patriot Academy is for you.  This unique simulated legislative session in the Texas capitol encompasses all of this and much more.  You will not want to miss it!”  –  Sarah Coburn, State Representative of Patriot Academy 2008

“I have always been interested in government, but never knew how to become personally involved. Patriot Academy gave me so many life skills that I can use, even if I do not pursue a career in government. I learned how to take issues that are important to me and really make a difference with them in our government. I made friendships that will last a lifetime.”
Emily Richter, Governor of Patriot Academy 2004


I had an absolutely fantastic experience at Patriot Academy! I will definitely return to the Academy again and again!