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John Hancock: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor (part 1)

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Mark Cole Rarely has the world seen such a formidable body of men gather together for a solemn purpose as when the members of the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia in 1776. In addition to the weighty duty of representing the citizens of their respective colonies, each of the delegates who would sign the […]

Matthew Thornton: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

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Mark Cole Dr. Matthew Thornton, born in Ireland, would live to be 89 years old. Along the way he led an incredible, active and productive life. As a child and young man, he was educated by his father in preparation for a learned profession. Thornton chose medicine. As a talented young doctor in Londonderry, New […]

Josiah Bartlett: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

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Mark Cole Like many of the men who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to secure the independence of the American colonies, Josiah Bartlett lived a life of astonishing productivity. For nearly fifty years, he practiced medicine as a frontier doctor in a remote part of New Hampshire. He served in the legislative, judicial […]

Abraham Clark: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

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The New Jersey delegation to the Continental Congress suffered more than most. Richard Stockton was taken as a prisoner of war, and died as a result of his inhumane treatment. John Hart had his farm temporarily seized, and his wife died, probably as a result of the stress of having her home taken. John Witherspoon’s […]

Richard Stockton: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

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Mark Cole It is a somber fact of history that the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for the cause of American independence. Yet contemporary readers gloss over those words as if they meant as little then as they do now. I assure you that was […]

Francis Lewis: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

Mark Cole Francis Lewis never had it easy. He was orphaned when he was five, and was raised by aunts and uncles in Wales and England. He studied hard and received an excellent education. As an adult, Lewis set sail for New York City in order to create a living as a businessman, wisely using […]

Lewis Morris: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

Mark Cole In surveying the lives of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, at some point one begins to grow numb after learning about yet another desolation by the British of an American patriot who put it all on the line for independence.  In every instance, the signer, as a member of the Continental […]

Philip Livingston: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

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Mark Cole Few families can match the track record of the formidable Livingston family during the independence and founding era.  So, when Philip Livingston of New York signed the Declaration of Independence, he did so not just for himself, but for the entire Livingston clan.   By way of background, Philip Livingston had a brother, […]

William Floyd: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

Mark Cole William Floyd of New York grew up in relative affluence and was well on his way to receiving a sound education to prepare him for life when his father died.   The boy became a man rapidly and took up the challenge of managing his family’s business.  Civic responsibilities naturally followed, including election to […]

Thomas McKean: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

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Mark Cole Thomas McKean was born in 1734, the son of Irish immigrants. Like George Read, Thomas McKean was tutored by the Reverend Doctor Francis Allison in Latin, Greek, history, and moral philosophy before studying law and entering the bar at the age of 21. Throughout his adult life, McKean was a recognizable figure: he […]


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