Where They Are Now: Paul Hastings

Patriot Academy is having a nation-wide impact that is expanding every single year. The alumni that are trained at Patriot Academy are not your “average” young people as evidenced by the drive and passion that mark their lives. No matter the career or position they find themselves in, the young leaders that have experienced Patriot Academy take the skills they have learned and put them to use in making a difference.

Here at the Patriot Press, we are going to highlight some of these Patriot Academy graduates who are truly leading the change in America.

Paul Hastings

Since attending Patriot Academy, Paul Hastings has been the definition of an engaged citizen. In 2012, Paul was hired by the Texas Home School Coalition to serve as their Public Policy Director and Marketing Director.  

The next year, he led the creation of the “THSC Watchmen” at the Texas Home School Coalition. This group of young men included 5 Patriot Academy alumni who worked tirelessly, fighting for family and parental rights. Their hard work and dedication was highlighted by statewide media outlets.

After that, Paul served as the Producer for “Roses“, an award-winning short film starring Rachel Hendrix (“October Baby”, “Left Behind: Vanished”) and GregAlan Williams (“Remember the Titans”, “Million Dollar Arm”). In 2016, he served as the Campaign Manager for Rick Green’s statewide campaign for Texas Supreme Court.

Once again demonstrating his innovation skills, in 2017 Paul launched “Record Votes“, a ground-breaking tool that allows Texas citizens to keep track of every single vote taken by Texas Senators and Representatives.


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I loved the experience that the Patriot Academy gave me. I definitely want to return to the Academy again!