My 3 Favorite Things About Patriot Academy

by Patriot Academy Alumnus Ethan Nunn

The quote above begs the question, how will we destroy ourselves? It will begin when we stray from the constitution, give more and more power to the government, leave less and less power in the hands of the people, and forget the principles this nation was built on.

Sound familiar?

That is because that’s where we are. But our nation is not on a one way track. There is hope. What hope? You ask, well the our constitution starts with “We the People…” that includes young people… like us.

But you may ask “how on earth can we defend our nation from implosion?” I’m glad you asked! The best way to learn how to defend our constitution is by learning from those who have done it, and that is exactly what happens at Patriot Academy.

When your at Patriot Academy you get to learn from some amazing speakers who have actually served in government in one form or another. They speak about topics such as:

  • – Limited Government
  • – Individual Liberty
  • – Free Enterprise
  • – Speaking skills
  • – How to Campaign
  • – How to connect with your audience
  • – and other amazing topics!

And that is only the talks you get to listen to, so I’ll tell you the top three things I love about Patriot Academy.

#1 – Time on the ACTUAL House Floor

The first thing I would say I love about Patriot Academy is the time you get to spend on the floor. It is absolutely amazing!

You always feel like you’re a real congressman, because you know that when you’re on the floor every vote counts. When you’re on the floor you get to present, debate, and pass (or sometimes even kill) bills. You can go back and forth with other youth, and sometimes even with adults. And if its your bill up for debate, it adds a whole other element. I can genuinely say that there is nothing quite like seeing your bill signed into law, and stepping up to to receive it from you’re Patriot Academy governor.

#2 – Getting to Patriot Academy

Now the second thing I love about Patriot Academy would have to be the fund-raising campaign. Now you’re fund-raising campaign is the thing you do before you go to PA. This is how you raise money to attend PA.

Now at first I was pretty uncomfortable and insecure about asking friends and family to support me with their finances. But after awhile of doing it you ask “how do they raise funds in the real world?” and then you realize they do it the very same way. You also get to see how much adults really do care about you’re future and the future of this nation.

One last thing you learn about fund-raising at Patriot Academy is that its not just limited to politics. You can use these principles in any career or occupation.

#3 – The Golf Ball

The third and final thing that I love about Patriot Academy is the golf ball. Yep you read right – golf ball.

You see at Patriot Academy on day one everyone gets a golf ball. And after you get it the leaders explain that the golf ball that you then hold you can’t let go of for the duration of Patriot Academy.

Then they explain why.

The golf ball represents you’re character its white just like you’re character is at first and its round and hard to hold onto, just like character. So if you drop it someone will take, and then you have to go in front of everyone and say a character quote like the one above. It may sound weird at first but by the time you leave you can’t help but feel like you’re hands are empty without you’re golf ball.

So I opened on kind of a forbidding note, but with good reason – under God, we are our nation’s last hope. You and I are all that stands in between freedom and tyranny, darkness and light, and in between the death and life of a nation. If you want to answer the call to protect freedom click HERE.






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I loved the experience that the Patriot Academy gave me. I definitely want to return to the Academy again!