In Their Own Words – Esther Pinkerton

Every year, hundreds of leaders receive training from Patriot Academy. And every year that number is increasing! Through email updates, our social media, and the Patriot Press, we work to keep you informed about the impact that supporters like you are having through Patriot Academy’s work.

It’s one thing for us to tell you about the impact Patriot Academy is having, and the difference it is making in the hearts and lives of America’s leaders, but it’s another thing for us to show you.

And what better way than through the testimony of the students themselves.

What first got you interested in Patriot Academy?

Hearing an EXTREMELY positive report from the presentation done in my city!  

Was the experience what you had expected? Why or why not?

It was not quite what I expected…It was a TON better!!!!!

I had thought it would be an extremely professional, serious event. It still did have elements of that, but it was definitely not as intimidating as I thought it would be!

The people there were extremely encouraging throughout the entire thing, and I felt that I could just be natural through it, and not spend too much time worrying about making a mistake!

Has Patriot Academy changed the direction where you see your life heading?

Patriot Academy has helped equip me for where I feel called. More specifically, I feel called to the mission field, but I have always felt led to know something about politics and speaking in that “arena” because on the mission field you never know what you will need to do!

What particular skills did Patriot Academy teach you that you are using today?

Through Patriot Academy, I learned several valuable skills including speaking skills, critical thinking, and a form of constructive debate.

What opportunities and/or connections came as a result of Patriot Academy?

I made connections with some absolutely INCREDIBLE people!!!!!

What was the most important thing you learned at Patriot Academy?

The most important thing I learned at Patriot Academy was how to stand up for what I believe, and not wavering on it.

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I loved the experience that the Patriot Academy gave me. I definitely want to return to the Academy again!



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