Immigration & Team Captains

Sarah Sloan, Patriot Academy Alumnus

For anyone who grew up playing sports, you remember how teams were typically chosen. Many times, two team captains would take turns picking people on their teams.

To better your chance of winning, it is strategic to pick the best players until there are no more players to pick. This means that the worst players are chosen last.

If this is bringing up terrible memories don’t let it. This is a good thing! If the goal is to win then of course it must be this way. If a team captain chose the worst players, that team would lose.

Now let’s talk immigration. In our country’s history there has been a process of selection amongst immigrants. They would be sent back if they did not meet the standards. This is also a good thing.

The left often speaks of bringing in the people who are in the most need. That would simply ruin us as a country. That cannot be an option. The best decisions can often be the hardest to make. A good team is made up of good players, not bad ones.

One could argue that is a cold-hearted way to run a country. It really is not. How did we become the country that everyone wants to get into? Why are we so much better than other countries? It is because we are made up of the best and the brightest. The U.S. can only continue to help other countries if we remain on top.

Who is able to help the poor and needy? The poor and needy? No! It is the successful people! You cannot give what you do not have. That is the truth.

The government’s role is to protect its citizens. We also have a personal role to play in helping those who need it. For the government to take that on instead of us is saying that we are incapable of coming to other’s aid.

The goal is to succeed. This country does it well and other countries benefit from it.

Competition is a beautiful thing that pulls the best results out of people.

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