A Torch of Freedom Foundation Production

Laugh & Learn with Brad Stine (“God’s Comic”) and Rick Green (WallBuilders speaker & radio host, founder of Patriot Academy) as they use hilarious history to bring America’s founding documents to life.

It All Comes Down to the Founding Father’s Freedom Formula

Freedom is not a boring subject…especially when comedian Brad Stine is in the mix! This one of a kind approach to history will leave a lasting impression on your congregation and move them to action as they live out their freedom with a Biblical Worldview.

Have you ever been frustrated with a lack of interest from your congregants when it comes to the issue of being salt and light in the culture? This is your opportunity to both entertain and educate everyone from that person in your church that always talks about the Constitution to the person who has never even voted.

Using humor mixed with the inspiring stories of the Founding Fathers, Brad & Rick will equip your congregants with the foundational, Biblical truth of America’s Founding and give them very specific, practical ways to live out their freedom.

This tour is limited to a handful of cities. You have the opportunity not only to make sure your community is on that tour, but that your church is the host…bringing people from across the community to visit your church for a unique and powerful program.

The main event will be a two and a half hour Saturday night show at the host church. We will work with you to promote the event to all churches in the area and secure several sponsoring churches. The Saturday night event will be emceed by a local talk radio host. Brad Stine will open the show with a 45 minute comedy routine that has them laughing out loud while he hits hard with some of the issues of the day and the need for Christians to be more civic minded and defend the Constitution. Rick Green will follow with a 45 minute presentation on the Founding Fathers and our Constitution, followed by a 45 minute Q&A free for all with both Brad & Rick.

The presentations also include powerfully moving performances by Rick’s young children teaching on the principles of the Declaration of Independence. The Green kids have taught these principles on stage to more than 100,000 people in live audiences over the last few years and it continues to be one of the most effective ways to teach about God & Country.


Rick and his family will stay overnight and speak for your morning services on “Is America One Nation Under God?,” his most popular presentation given for David Barton’s WallBuilders for the last 12 years. If Rick has already spoken in your church, he will give a new presentation, “One Life To Give.”

For those attending the Saturday night event that would like to dig a little deeper into constitutional education, a 3 hour abbreviated version of Rick’s “Constitution Alive! – A Citizen’s Guide to the U.S. Constitution” will take place on Sunday evening. This portion of the tour is a tuition based class (more information here).


Host church responsibilities include the following:

  1. Promote the event to your own congregation. You will be provided with a high quality 3-Minute promotional video to play on Sunday mornings and share online (see below), as well as promotional posters to place around your church and artwork for your website.
  2. Promote the event to other churches in the community. We will provide you with promotional packets (posters and video links) to provide to other churches in the community you think likely to team up on the event. We will also provide you with radio spots for your local Christian radio station.
  3. Provide travel and Honorariums. Call or email us for detailed information. 512-858-0974 or [email protected].
  4. Provide table space and volunteers.  On Saturday night, Brad will need a book/DVD table and a volunteer to run the table. On both Saturday night and Sunday morning, Rick will need the same.
  5. Provide a room for Sunday night’s Constitution Alive! class.


3 Minute Promo to Air & Share

If you are interested in hosting the Comedy & Constitution Tour in your community, please contact us for more information and potential dates. [email protected].


I loved the experience that the Patriot Academy gave me. I definitely want to return to the Academy again!