2019 Southwest Regional Application

Southwest Regional Patriot Academy – Arizona

June 19 – 21, 2019

Patriot Academy will be held at the Arizona state capitol in Phoenix. Students will stay at a local University or hotel and will be shuttled to and from the capitol each day.

$195 – Super Early Bird Rate: In order to receive the Early Bird rate, full tuition must be postmarked or paid online by January 1st.

$245 – Early Bird Rate: In order to receive the Early Bird rate, full tuition must be postmarked or paid online by April 1st.

$295 – Regular Rate: In order to receive the Regular rate, full tuition must be postmarked or paid online by May 31st.

$345 – Last Minute Rate: Full tuition postmarked or paid online after May 31st.

Welcome, thank you for your interest in Patriot Academy. The Student Track is for young leaders (men and women), ages 16-25. The Citizen Track (only offered in TX) is for those over 25 (more information here). Every Session of Patriot Academy has extremely limited availability, so you should apply early to increase the likelihood of acceptance. Applications may be received until session space is full. *To qualify for discounted rates, please note the “tuition submission postmark” deadlines. Your spot is not guaranteed until all registration requirements and complete payment is received.

Patriot Academy’s purpose is to inspire, educate, train, and equip young leaders who share the stated mission of The Torch of Freedom Foundation to restore America’s Constitutional Republic by renewing our Biblical principles of liberty upon which the nation was built. Applicants must demonstrate a desire to fulfill this mission and a basic desire to learn more about how such a mission would be accomplished and what role they might have in this effort. Applicants must also demonstrate a strong work ethic and a willingness to earn their way through study, fundraising, and servant leadership.

Reasons for an applicant to not be accepted to Patriot Academy

1. Not in the 16-25 age range or lacking the maturity to function at a high level in the intensity of a Patriot Academy Session.

2. Demonstrably opposed to the basic principles taught at Patriot Academy. The Patriot Academy staff strives to distinguish between an applicant developing their worldview, but open to study and learning more about founding principles; as opposed to a student who has rejected founding principles and is actively working against them.

3. Publicly violating basic morals in such a way that would bring disrespect upon Patriot Academy.

4. Lack of personal responsibility and initiative in completing the application process or study required before attending Patriot Academy.

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I had an absolutely fantastic experience at Patriot Academy! I will definitely return to the Academy again and again!