The Balance in Politics

Frank Alegria, Patriot Academy Alumnus

Looking at America’s culture in politics today, one needs only to glance at the “battles” being fought now to be repulsed and disgusted. Neither the left or the right possess clean hands on this issue, as both have contributed to the lamentable mess our nation is currently in.

The adoption of a “the ends justifying the means” attitude has truly rocked American politics, as well as politics all around the world. The implementation of this mantra has actually hurt us as a nation.

On the right, there are the neo-conservatives, the alt-right, who instead of adhering to the true definition of what conservatism is, dilute it with a most unsound ideology. Not only is the inconsistency evident within the mixed bag of policies they advocate, but also in how they advocate them. The shaming tactics, the political maneuvering, the tearing down of the character of others; these are just a handful of the measures employed to get into power and stay there.

On the left, there are the leftists, who in accordance with their extremist beliefs, advocate the destruction of a true civilized society. Whether it’s the silencing of college students gathered at a conservative speaking event or the slandering of Christians who simply act in accordance with their beliefs, the leftists believe in using force (via the government) to punish those who oppose their point of view.

Undoubtedly, the advancement of these extremist ideologies has greatly contributed to the sad divide within our nation. No longer can a normal conservative and liberal be expected to enjoy a decent conversation over a cup of coffee. Instead, many believe we must align and divide ourselves by our affiliate party and its politics.

So what is the solution? What is the answer to this tragic division between the factioned  citizenry of our great country? The answer is civility. As Timothy Barton once said, “The goal should not be to win the argument, but the person.”

Listen to the other side. They are a person too. Going forward, let us strive to remember that we must care more about the rights of our fellow countrymen more than any desire for power.

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