Sanctuary Cities vs. The Rule of Law

Frank Alegria, Patriot Academy Alumni

With the stroke of a pen, and the resounding thump of his stamp on SB 4, Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared, “Texas has now banned sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State.”

For years, conservatives throughout the state have fought to enact such legislation. And thanks to the hard work put in by both the governor and multiple members of the Texas Legislature, this critical issue has finally been addressed.

The recently-signed law enables local law enforcement to seek and obtain the immigration status of any person detained. Additionally, it allows for the state to deny funds to entities and prosecute officials for refusing to enforce the law. The regulation would also encourage greater cooperation between federal and local law enforcement.

Opponents of the statute have claimed the enacted legislation could result in nefarious actions by law enforcement, such as racial profiling and illegal detention. The law, however, contains a provision which would punish those who perpetrate such abuse, subjecting them to high fines, and even imprisonment.

It is hoped that the implementation of this measure will help crack down on illegal immigration as well, ending obstruction of justice and reinforcing the rule of law. But with the controversial power wielded by liberal judges in the court system, it is largely unclear as to whether the law’s key provisions will remain intact or not.

Still, passage of this bill is considered a victory. The many attempts to “take the teeth” out of it were largely unsuccessful, and thanks to careful drafting and amending, the legislation will not infringe on the liberties of the everyday Texan.

Let us hope and pray that this measure survive its forthcoming judicial test, and that it might continue to keep Texans safe and enforce the rule of law.

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