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Service, Not Power

Jonathan Paine 1796 Friends and Fellow-Citizens: The period for a new election of a citizen to administer the executive government of the United States being not far distant, and the time actually arrived when your thoughts must be employed in designating the person who is to be clothed with that important trust, it appears to […]

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Elbridge Gerry: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

Mark Cole The Massachusetts delegation to the Continental Congress contained some of the most distinguished men of the founding era: John Hancock, Sam Adams, John Adams and Elbridge Gerry. These men would become central figures in the war for American independence and go on to hold the highest offices in Massachusetts and the United States. […]

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3 Keys to Being a “Principled Leader”

Post by Patriot Academy alumnus Hannah Watts Often, in the political world, we are told that we must hold fast to our principles. However, there is not much discussion on what this really means. Being principled is not just knowing what you believe.  This is simply not enough. When looking to be an individual who […]

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The Truth On Trump’s New Title X Regulations

Patriot Academy Alumnus, Frank Alegria Recently, the Trump administration released its “Protect Life Rule,” a partial reinstitution of the 1980’s statutes put into effect by former president Ronald Reagan. Notable conservatives across the nation, who have been calling for the renewal of such measures, were well pleased with the announcement, with Live Action calling it, […]


Robert Treat Paine: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

Mark Cole Massachusetts sent an especially formidable delegation to the Second Continental Congress.  Indeed, it is impossible to conceive of the cause of independence without the heroic labors of Massachusetts delegates Sam Adams, John Hancock and the Atlas of Independence himself, John Adams.   Two future Vice-Presidents (Elbridge Gerry, John Adams) and two future Massachusetts […]

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John Adams: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

“I must be independent as long as I live,” John Adams once said.  And so it all began, the life of this incredible man: lawyer, patriot, diplomat, President, husband and father – and above all else, a man of independence. His father was a minister and naturally enough was eager for his son to follow […]

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Peace Through Strength – North Korea & Iran vs. America

Jonathan Paine The world benefits from a strong America. 3 American prisoners were being held in North Korea. Take a minute and let that sink in. Americans were being held against their will in hard labor prison camps. Now those 3 men are free. North Korea and South Korea are seeing tensions relaxing. While just […]


Samuel Adams: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

Mark Cole On the night of December 16, 1773, a group of Boston patriots spotted three ships surreptitiously docked in the city harbor, openly defying the John Hancock-led colonial boycott on British tea. A few hours later, the captains of the British East India Company ships may have had second thoughts about the wisdom of […]


In Their Own Words – Danny Burrows

Every year, hundreds of leaders receive training from Patriot Academy. And every year that number is increasing! Through email updates, our social media, and the Patriot Press, we work to keep you informed about the impact that supporters like you are having through Patriot Academy’s work. It’s one thing for us to tell you about the […]

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The Invincible Trump – Understanding Why

Jonathan Paine Many have asked themselves – how does Trump retain his supporters despite the scandals, rumors and missteps? Why The Left Doesn’t Understand The liberal mainstream media and the left have been completely baffled ever since November 8, 2016. Trump was not supposed to be elected. However, in the last couple weeks, their head […]


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