Thanksgiving 2017 – The Eye of a Hurricane

Jonathan Paine Thanksgiving is kind of like standing in the eye of a hurricane. As more and more news stories surface of allegations of sexual misconduct, as North Korea continues to make noises like they want to blow us off the face of the map, as Congress floats yet another attempt at amnesty, we take […]

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Refer-A- Friend: Here’s How It Works!

What: The Refer-A- Friend program is designed to recruit new students, and assist you in paying your tuition. For every first-time student you refer that gets accepted and pays their full tuition to attend a Patriot Academy, you, as the referring student, will receive a discount on your Academy tuition ($25.00 for Regional or $50 for […]


A Thanksgiving Day Proclamation

Wallbuilders The following is the text of a Proclamation for a Day of Thanksgiving and Praise, issued by John Hancock (Signer of the Declaration of Independence), while he was serving as governor of Massachusetts. The proclamation was issued October 5, 1791 and was declaring November 17, 1791 the day of Thanksgiving. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. By His […]

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That Sinking Feeling

Jonathan Paine A jolt to the chest. Muscles tense, ready to bolt. Heart starts pounding. Breaths start coming faster. Palms getting sweaty. Your eyes start darting around warily. That sick feeling in your stomach. A weight, right there in your gut. You Know What’s Coming. Anyone who’s ever told a lie knows the feeling I’m […]

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In Their Own Words – Dan Andrew

Every year, hundreds of leaders receive training from Patriot Academy. And every year that number is increasing! Through email updates, our social media, and the Patriot Press, we work to keep you informed about the impact that supporters like you are having through Patriot Academy’s work. It’s one thing for us to tell you about […]


Caesar Rodney: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

Mark Cole It was late June, 1776, Philadelphia. George Read and Thomas McKean represented Delaware in the Second Continental Congress where the resolution for independence, having been introduced earlier in the month by Richard Henry Lee, was being debated and was moving inexorably towards a vote.  Even though the Delaware Assembly under the leadership of […]

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7 Reasons Why People Love Patriot Academy

It seems that just about wherever you look there’s a group claiming that they’ve got the solution for America. Maybe you’ve even been to other political “camps” or “retreats” and you’re thinking – why try yet another? We’d like to give you 7 reasons why so many people are upgrading to Patriot Academy. 1. Patriot […]

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The Kangaroo Court of Public Opinion

Jonathan Paine Unpredictable, volatile, easily swayed, reactionary. If you were on trial, and this was the description given to your judge and jury, do you think you could count on a fair trial? The court of public opinion is all of that and more. It dangerous to say the least. Yet in this day and […]

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George Ross: Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

Mark Cole The essential elements of the life of George Ross of Pennsylvania are by now very familiar to us, as his story is like so many in the founding era.  Without men like George Ross, our country as we know it would never have existed. Therefore, it is vital that we resist the temptation […]

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Where They Are Now: Jake Robinson

Patriot Academy is having a nation-wide impact that is expanding every single year. The alumni that are trained at Patriot Academy are not your “average” young people as evidenced by the drive and passion that mark their lives. No matter the career or position they find themselves in, the young leaders that have experienced Patriot […]


I loved the experience that the Patriot Academy gave me. I definitely want to return to the Academy again.



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