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2015 Patriot Academy Application Coming Soon!

Welcome, thank you for your interest in Patriot Academy. The Student Track is for young people leaders, ages 16 -25. The Citizen Track is for those over 25 (more information here). Every Session of Patriot Academy has extremely limited availability and you should apply early to increase the likelihood of acceptance. Applications may be received until class space is full. To qualify for discounted rates, please note the tuition submission deadlines. Your spot is not guaranteed until all registration requirements and complete payment is received.

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  If you need assistance with any portion of the application, please contact us at or call 512.230.2838 (Phone Hours: 10 AM – 5PM Central Time).

What Students Are Saying

“Patriot Academy taught me to always research the issue and discover what the Bible says about it. The caliber of the teaching and the hands-on experience makes Patriot Academy truly unique.”

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