Testimonials Archive

Ella Bullock, Representative, Patriot Academy 2014

Patriot Academy was truly a life-changing week for me that inspired and equipped me to engage the culture head on. Lives are impacted and champions are trained through the work of PA and I am so grateful for this great organization.

David White, Lieutenant Governor, Patriot Academy 2006

“I work in the legislature now, and every time I go to work it feels like I’m at Patriot Academy! The process is IDENTICAL!”

Michael Bullock, Speaker of the House, Patriot Academy 2010

“Patriot Academy helped me realize the importance of limited government and it helped me define my view of politics.”

John Moore, Governor of Patriot Academy 2011

“I was terrified and intimidated going into my first academy, but when I left, I was confident and eager to use the tools I had been given, to make significant progress in my local community.  I’ve been to Patriot Academy three years now, and I’m looking forward to my fourth!”

Edward Jaax, Speaker of The House, Patriot Academy 2012

“Patriot Academy has brought my understanding and view of politics to a different level.  It was a great experience that returned far above the hours and dollars that I spent in getting there. It’s the best political leadership training I have been to, and I’ve been going back for 7 years.”

Anna Becker, Lt. Governor, Patriot Academy 2010

“Patriot Academy taught me to always research the issue and discover what the Bible says about it. The caliber of the teaching and the hands-on experience makes Patriot Academy truly unique.”

Justin Fischer, State Representative, Patriot Academy 2003

“Patriot Academy was a great opportunity to see the governmental process from the inside out, instead of like most people, from the outside in.”

Emily Richter, Governor, Patriot Academy 2004

“Patriot Academy gave me so many life skills that I can use, even if I do not pursue a career in government. I learned how to take issues that are important to me and really make a difference with them in our government. I made friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Christi Fosdick, State Representative, Patriot Academy

I loved the experience that the Patriot Academy gave me. I definitely want to return to the Academy again!


I loved the experience that the Patriot Academy gave me. I definitely want to return to the Academy again!