Mental Laziness

Jonathan Paine

A meme that’s making it’s way around the internet today goes something like this:

“Netflix fires Kevin Spacey and Danny MAsterson.

NBC fires Matt Lauer.

CBS and PBS fire Charlie Rose.

Democrats insist Al Franken and John Conyers resign.

Republicans elect Donald Trump and endorse Roy Moore.”

Once credibility is lost, getting it back can be nearly impossible.

And Here’s Why…

If you are a Republican, according to this logic, you are now part of sexual abuser party. Even if you didn’t vote for Trump. Even if you live in Alaska and have absolutely nothing to do with Roy Moore and Alabama Senate race. None of that matters because it’s so much easier to lump people into broad groups. Nuance is boring. It takes too much time and it doesn’t allow us to condemn our enemies with a gigantic battle hammer of rage.

The basic logic of the meme is that if you’re part of a group, everyone in that group thinks, acts, believes in the same way that you do. This is metal laziness at its worst.

I’ve got news for you –

Being part of a group does not create homogeneous thought or belief.

You can believe in limited government and be a horrible human who abuses women. You can believe in limited government and be a moral, decent human.

You can believe in big government and be a horrible human who abuses women. You can believe in big government and be a moral, decent human.

I’m speaking in general terms to make the point – Your position on tax cuts does not determine your position on sexual abuse.

Perception is Reality

However, sadly, this mental laziness of assuming total homogeneous belief among groups, is the norm in society today. 

This is why the morality of who we send to Washington, or elect to any office, is so vitally important. Even though we can sit in our quiet hamlets and say, “That guy is NOT like me!” the country develops a very different perception. If you even associate with a group in any way, shape, or form, you are lumped into that group.

As I said, this is pathetic mental laziness. But it’s also the way things are. Thankfully though, there are a few quick things you can do to battle this problem.

To Do List

-Maintain your credibility. This is done through consistency.

-Consistency comes from knowing what you believe and why. Then standing for it, no matter what.

-Armor yourself with morality. God didn’t just tell us what to do because He’s bossy. The rules of morality are there for our protection and benefit. Give it a try, I think you’ll agree.

-Call out mental laziness when you see it. Don’t let people get away with assuming you agree with a behavior simply because they’ve assigned a label to you.

Parties will always fail you. God’s eternal principles, however, never will.


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