Human Rights vs. Abortion

Helen Bricker, Patriot Academy Alumnus

I saw this picture on Facebook and had to reread a couple times.

I could not really wrap my brain around it because, some of it I agree with, some of it sounds good and fair. For instance the adoption, the parenthood, abstinence, are all good things.

But then the others kind of stick out, such as the “human rights,” “birth control,” and “reality”.

The essence of “human rights” as defined by Merriam-Webster is:

“a basic right (such as the right to be treated well or the right to vote) that many societies believe every person should have.”

This made me wonder again because, based on that definition, how can you have “human rights” and “pro-choice” in the same statement?

How then can “pro-choice” (e.g. pro-abortion) which is support of the murder of innocent preborn life, and “human rights” be looked at as equal standards of belief that one person holds? Aren’t they being contradictory?

The simple answer is yes. You cannot stand for both. You cannot claim you are for human rights, that everyone should be treated fairly, that everyone has rights, but then say you are okay with the dismemberment and death of a baby in the womb.

We as a society have tried justifying murder of this kind in so many ways. “Women’s rights,” the “ability to choose,” “my body my choice,” “live your life how you want,” are all catchphrases I have heard tagged onto the pro-choice side of the issue.

Yet people do not seem to realize (or maybe they do and choose to ignore it) that all the banners they try to tout around are the very rights they are stealing from the unborn.

What about an unborn baby girl’s rights? Is she somehow “less” of a woman because she is still in the womb? What about that baby boy who could one day help that woman learn to live the best life she’s ever had?

Society can certainly be selfish, and this is living proof. The fact that someone thinks it is a wise option to end a child’s life instead of choosing life seems counterintuitive.

The other large problem society is facing is that by and large the media pushes this agenda to an extreme! Look at my state (Virginia) Governor Ralph Northam and his stand on post-birth abortion:

This is what government leaders are telling us as a society! They are trying to make, not just abortion in the womb, but even after-birth murder something that is acceptable!

How in the world then could a young woman, who may be scared, uncertain, lacking family support and unaware of her next move when she finds out she is pregnant at 16, be able to make a wise choice for both her body and her child when THIS is what she hears from our leaders??

It is time for us all to stand up and fight against this societal disease and genocide we are performing on our next generation.

If you are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, please reach out to a Pregnancy Center in your area. There are all kinds of options online such as Option Line or Heartbeat International. And most towns and cities have local pregnancy care centers as well.

There are so many beautiful stories of redemption and love growing out of difficult, unplanned pregnancies where women choose life. Just look around the internet and you will find all kinds of awesome stories. Take the time to learn and help grow awareness of the beauty of life in and out of the womb!




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