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PA students in the news!

texas capitol

Check this out, PA friends!   Five Patriot Academy Alumni, working as lobbyists for Texas Home School Coalition, were featured on World magazine’s website: Read the lead story here.   We’re looking forward to seeing more of you making headlines in the near future!   Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t signed up […]

The Boy King

In 2 Kings 22 we find one of the most unusual and noteworthy characters of all Scripture. King Josiah was just eight years old when he took the throne after his father was assassinated. Despite his extreme youth, Josiah “did all that was right in the sight of the Lord.” When he had reigned for […]

The Time is Now

The beginning of the year is always full of great anticipation, intentions, and resolutions. It’s an exciting time of new opportunities and is a God-given gift that constantly reminds us to rekindle the fire that He has lit within our hearts. We each have passions for which we say we live, distant achievements we hope […]

Blogging Savvy, for World-Changers

I’m betting you all remember Thomas Umstattd’s celebrated session on social media at PA. It’s one of the most popular sessions every year. Just last year, student reviews ranked it the second-most-popular session of the Academy—tied with another stellar session on teambuilding by…Thomas Umstattd. (One wonders how things would have turned out if he had […]

No Gaps

Patriot Academy 2012 taught all of the fundamentals of leadership that it always does, and better than ever. It also taught the foundational principles of law and government that built this nation, as it always has. But in 2012 I learned something new about leadership. A lesson that is so simple, so obvious, and yet […]

Cast Your Net on the Other Side

I am sure that, like me, many of you were extremely disappointed by the latest election results.  That goes without saying; deep inside every student who has ever graduated Patriot Academy, none of them would have chosen our 44th president to serve two consecutive terms (I do not believe that any of us would have […]

The Michael Levens Guide to Legendary Parliamentary Power

Note from Lt. Gov. Nicholson: Patriots–You wanted more training on parlipro? Here’s some from the best! At the 2012 class, Michael Levens’s exceptional familiarity with parliamentary procedure made him perhaps the most powerful (and certainly the most feared) member on the Floor. Only when his enemies delved as deeply into the Rules as he had were they […]

Double the Adults

You may have seen the letter below, or a version of it, on Facebook recently. It was written in 1959 by a judge who spent his career in the juvenile court system. According to The Rebelution, Judge Philip Gilliam “was a tireless advocate for the young, wielding his substantial popularity to direct new resources towards preventing […]

Urgent: Gentle Reminder

by Mama Seay   Patriots: Tomorrow we will know the outcome of what may prove to be the most important election of your lifetime.   The incessant coverage of the election cycle this season has saddened me to no end in the lack of common courtesy on both sides. Some of the comments by people […]

Traffic Survey: Epic Failure

by Mama Seay My home is in Georgetown. My vocation is in the state Capitol. That is 30.5 miles of travel each way on one of the most congested freeways in the nation. Or, as I like to refer to it, an opportunity for a daily traffic survey. I have come to love my daily […]


I loved the experience that the Patriot Academy gave me. I definitely want to return to the Academy again!