Tips for Fundraising

21 Ways to Raise Your Tuition

1. Send out a letter to 10 people asking each for a minimal contribution of $10.

2. Approach your area community service clubs (VFW, Lions Club, Rotary Club, Political Clubs, Chambers of Commerce) and ask them to sponsor you for $100.

3. Sell concessions and snacks at local little league sporting events (check with your area coordinator first).

4. Approach area businesses and ask them to sponsor you.

5. Ask local area political clubs to sponsor you.

6. Ask locally elected officials to sponsor a portion of your tuition. They should be able to use campaign funds for this purpose.

7. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors. The people close to you will be happy to contribute $10 to assist you in fulfilling your goal.

8. Design and distribute a brochure about the event you want to attend, explaining why you want to be a part of it. It gives donors something to keep with them and provides a great reminder of your goal.

9. Develop a giving campaign where people can give spread their donation over a period of weeks.

10. Ask a donor to match donations you receive, either at a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio. It is a great way to motivate people to contribute, knowing that their investment will double through matched funds.

11. Hold a garage sale.

12. Have a bake sale at your church or school.

13. Have a car wash.

14. Mow lawns.

15. Ask 5-10 people to save their spare change for you for the entire month.

16. Invite people to your birthday party and ask for donations instead of gifts.

17. Organize a service raffle. Get a few friends or family to donate their time to washing cars, child care, etc. and have church members or community clubs to buy raffle tickets for $3-5/each.

18. Research local service clubs and see what their giving policies are.

19. Ask businesses around town with a lot of paper work to contribute to you in exchange for filing and administrative work in their office.

20. Have an auction of items donated by friends, family, or businesses at your church, school or community organizations.

21. Ask a veteran to sponsor you. Explain that you appreciate the sacrifices he made to protect your freedom and that you want to learn to accept the torch of freedom and pass it on to the next generation. Your interest and appreciation of their sacrifice for your freedom can motivate almost anyone to give.


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